Mum - You're Body is Amazing!

Mother nature and the female body is truly amazing and sadly far too often I hear mums beating themselves up about the way they look both during pregnancy, whilst their body shape is changing and also once their bubs have arrived.

I think it’s time that we embrace these natural changes and learn to love our bodies for what they have assisted in creating.  Your body intuitively knew how to fertilise your egg and then create a nourishing nest for your growing baby as well as provide all the essential nutrients at the right time throughout each trimester to produce a healthy baby.  Yes you put on weight, yes your bum and boobs changed yet look what you now have, your body created life, a human being, the child that you adore with all that you are.  When you gaze at your child in awe know that they were possible because of you.  Your baby doesn’t care if you have now got extra stretch marks, folds or cellulite, they need and love you just the way you are.

Learning to be comfortable in your own skin can take time and it’s easier to build your own self confidence by doing the things you love plus remember to make the effort with yourself as well to feel good.  Yes I know some days the old baggy clothes and hair pulled back look is the easiest and quickest option but ensure that this doesn’t become the everyday choice.  Many women focus on getting their pre baby body back which I feel can set you up for disappointment or feelings of failure if you can’t get back into your jeans.  Your body is different now, it has created and delivered a baby and your shape changes during this process so the focus should be on getting your new post baby body instead.

Social pressures and unrealistic media publications make it difficult as they promote expectations that cannot be met in normal life.  I remember being at the gym about 9 weeks after having my baby and someone approaching me and saying “oh you’ve still got a belly though haven’t you”.  On the surface I brushed this comment off yet inside I was mortified.  I was learning how to adapt to life with a new born and dealing with broken sleep so I was happy to even be able to get to the gym yet the perception was that I should be back in shape.

I encourage all the mums I work with to honour themselves, to respect and love who they are, no matter how they look.  Your baby loves and adores you so spend some time looking at yourself through their eyes.  Think about the way you talk to yourself, if you heard your child saying negative things about themselves what would you say to them?  Would you allow it?  Of course not so why do it to yourself?