Jo Richardson


I found working with Claire very helpful as she helped me focus my energy on the positive aspects of eating well and training reasonably. It was very important to re-balance my gut flora having been on a course of intensive antibiotics and Claire explained why I was experiencing certain symptoms and what we could do to re-dress the balance. What I liked most was Claire's clear way of explaining what was happening and why she would recommend a course of action. We are still working together but this time focusing on body image and fitness with the aim of finally shedding my baby weight!

Catherine Willis

CJ gave me practical, realistic advice that I was able to fit into my day to day routine. The regular catch ups were something that I would look forward to and I really started to thrive on my renewed energy. CJ was always encouraging, positive and full of useful tips for eating healthily and it’s because of her enthusiasm that I was so driven and committed. The plan made me fitter, more vibrant, energetic and healthier, oh and I lost a whole heap of weight in the process, a nice little bonus.

Charlotte Potter

What I love is Claire's passion for living healthily. With her support and knowledge she created an easy to follow and comprehensive nutrition and exercise plan for me, making sure to keep things fresh so I never got bored, and has been there to answer my questions quickly and clearly. She is a fantastic support. I haven't felt as good as this ever before and it's thanks to Claire. She has helped me become a strong, empowered and confident woman.