Parents - You Have a Responsibility to Be Healthy for Your Child

This may be considered a controversial post yet it is something I feel passionate about.  As a parent we are a role model for our children and have a duty of care and responsibility to look after our children and teach them life skills.  This not only includes teaching the basic intellect such as reading and writing plus social skills but also life skills that empower them to look after their body and be healthy.  Your child only has one vehicle for their life I believe it’s essential to enable them to have the best quality of life possible by teaching them how to look after it through eating and exercise as well as educating them on unhealthy habits.  As a parent you want the best for your child, you wouldn’t forget to teach them how to walk, stop them from going to school or neglect them yet we have an increasing rise in the number of obese or overweight children which is also becoming a problem for younger children.

With the levels of overweight and obesity rising in children globally we need to make a change that starts at home and the responsibility comes down to the parents.  You know something that makes me really sad is seeing a young child overweight as they are already being put at potential risk of developing poor lifestyle habits that do lead to a lifetime of chronic disease. 

Being overweight from a young age can lead to a lifetime of health issues such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.  Your child will learn their belief system around food and exercise from you, their associations with these will be ingrained into them subconsciously by the time they are 5 years old.

I know babies carry extra chubbiness, my little boy was a chubster until he learnt to walk and then his body shape changed.  It does make me sad when I see a toddler or young child carrying extra weight as you can see this is uncomfortable for them, they cannot run as fast as their friends, are not as agile and they tire quicker.  You can see the impact this has on confidence levels even from a young age.

An overweight child will be impacted at many levels from keeping up with other children, being able to move themselves for natural development and growth, they are at risk of being bullied, poor diet with sugar fluctuations can affect concentration levels and a sedentary indoors lifestyle does not expose them to the benefits of fresh air and sunshine.

As a parent if you are unsure of something you have to seek out the information and learn what is best to do for your child.  Everyone knows Mcdonalds is crap food so why feed it to your child?  Yes my son does have chocolates and treats but these are limited and not a daily habit. I make sure he moves and is active daily and TV days are not the norm.  My son sees me go to the gym, play actively with him and eat the right foods, I teach him about food and have him involved in cooking with me so he learns and understands.

When you consider that our children are our future we want to ensure we create a legacy worth leaving behind and along with a healthy body, comes a healthy mind which empowers your child to be the best that they can be.  Now what parent doesn’t want that.


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