Phew ........It's a boy!

It was during a recent weekend of cold, blustery freezing weather that I truly began to appreciate the difference between having a boy toddler compared to a girl.  My little guy has always been a bundle of energy, loving nothing more than running around and pushing anything with wheels.  It’s a daily habit for us to get outside, kick a ball or play in the park and whilst this is great fun in the warmer months, in the middle of the winter it is most unpleasant, especially with icy sleet falling rapidly!

Chatting to friends with little girls I hear stories of building fairy houses, painting master pieces plus getting creative with play-doh which seems bliss after an afternoon spent pushing a two year old around on a tractor being asked to go faster faster!  Maybe it’s his personality or just the fact he’s a boy but everything has to be faster.  He wants to climb, jump, make a den, play tunnels, dance, sing, race or ride his bike whatever the weather and has recently discovered the pleasure to be had splashing in puddles shouting “I love mud!”  I have Blaze and the Monster Machines to thank for that one!

Some days it seems that as soon as his little eyes open its game on.  After dealing with the wake up morning poo, frequently the fun begins with bounces on the bed or singing songs which I’m sure my neighbours do not always appreciate at 6am!  The short time it takes to read a book whilst having a morning bottle and cuddle under the covers is treasured and no matter how long I try to draw this out, his tiny feet are soon pattering off to run down the hallway to the toy box.

It makes me smile when his girl buddies pop over for a play date as at first they can appear timid and quiet in his excitement yet it doesn’t take long for them to be coerced into a race.  Perhaps it’s his age too that makes him fearless and full of adventure, I am amazed at his ability to learn and try new things.  Not long ago he sat in my lap to go down the twisty slide and now he launches himself down as flat as a pancake to get more acceleration with the biggest smile upon his face.

There is a quieter side that loves to sit and read or build a train set yet it is rare that he asks to paint or use colouring pens so when this quiet time appears I indulge it as much as possible as it is welcome relief to run run run!

I won’t deny that sometimes a little peace and quiet would be lovely.  Fortunately I am quite a rough and tumble mum that enjoys (and probably encourages) a little wrestle on the rug, a race around the ball pit and him flying on my feet so it’s a good thing that he is so energetic and I keep myself fit to keep up!  When I find myself saying careful or gently ten times a day I do laugh to myself as I have a boy called Tytan, of course he’s going to live big! 

As the old nursery rhyme goes what are little boys made of …..  Yet I wouldn’t have it any other way!